Is Unique When Dealing With Property has been designed after a thorough research on the needs of buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. How does differ from other property websites:

-It has a built-in online Messenger that allows sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants  to get in contact with each other and automatically defines users’ languages. It translates the phrases in conversations by one click on the button which allows speakers of different languages understand each other and eliminates the language barrier.  

-The Messenger  is equipped with video calls supported by the WebRTS technology that allows users to make calls through their own browsers, no servers are needed for that.  Video calls are important when it comes to the face-to-face  acquaintance between sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants. Up to 8 persons can take part in one video conversation at a time, which is very convenient when the sides want their lawyers, notaries or  interpreters to participate in a call.

-Users can store all the property ads that they like in their personal accounts. In addition to that,  with the new BONUS function the users can search for property and buy it in the lazy mode with all the work done for free by the specialized property companies.   

-Users can search for property ads and receive the options from sellers at the same time.  It is important when one does not know neither the real estate market  nor the language of another country very well.

-Sellers and landlords can use the special functions that will allow them to receive the detailed information about the likes and the views of their ads.  They can even mark certain locations with the follow-up flags  and discover the users that are searching for property in this region. This function allows the seller to offer the objects for sale selectively.  is working in the full-functional test mode at the moment  and each user can try all the functions of the website for free. Our technical support team is monitoring and fixing any errors that are occurring now and that were not visible during the prior tests.

We hope that you will like browsing our website and we will appreciate your comments to improve in future!

We Recommend

For buyers and tenants:

1.We are not a social networking website and we do not request any confidential information from our clients. We would like to warn you that there are Internet  frauds and scammers who could try look like property sellers or landlords on the Internet. We will do our best to eliminate them but we urge you to be careful  and do not disclose complete information about yourself  and your full address when using the website. Writing your name, your country and the city/town will be sufficient.  Do not store the details of your banking cards, ID and other documents on the website and do not send them to the others.

2.You can always change your status and the settings in the Messenger and become unavailable for particularly annoying users.

3.Review all the information about the seller or landlord carefully before buying or renting property with them. Do not hesitate contact them by phone, Messenger or video call.  Remember that the more information you get from the seller or landlord the more reliable they are. On the contrary, be more careful with those of them who are not willing to disclose property information upon your request.

4.If you have decided to buy property please contact independent lawyers or experts in that country. Please remember that the laws in other countries may be different.

5.If you have decided to rent property, avoid making advance payments to a landlord directly.  We advise you to make secure transactions in which case you will not lose the money even if you are facing with the fraud. For secure transactions the payment is reserved on your bank account and can be taken by a landlord with your consent only, when you have finally agreed to rent the property.   Keep an eye on various special offers from landlords when they reduce the rental fee but ask for advance payment. This may be a fraud.

For sellers and landlords:

1.Be  always available and check your messages. Perspective buyers do not like to wait and if you don't answer them on time, they can be lured away by your competitors.

2.Disclose enough information about yourself. Add a photo to your personal account, your phone number and office location.  Publish your certificates, licenses, patents and other documents proving the legitimacy of your activities and qualifications on the information page. The more information you will disclose to other users the more they will trust you. Do not reject video sessions as it may seem suspicious.

3.Learn how to use Messenger. Remember that a potential buyer might be visiting this page for the first time and not be aware of all the functions. If you can help them use such functions of the Messenger as auto-translating, chats, video calls it would be to your advantage.

4.Use the tracking function that will allow you to see who has viewed your ads. This way you might find your potential buyer or tenant. If you understand what the users are searching for, you will be able to make a proper offer for them.

5.Use flags to know who are looking for property in your area. They might find your offer attractive.

Good luck to everybody!

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